Erasmus Koeriers, the courier company from Rotterdam, operating for 28 years

Erasmus Koeriers was founded in 1996 by four students. The idea at the time was to deliver packages by public transport. Students could still travel for free with their OV Student Card back then. This created a win-win situation: students could earn money while studying on the train, and customers could rely on Erasmus Couriers for affordable shipping. 

Erasmus Koeriers today

Today, we deliver your shipments by delivery van, which makes us more flexible and allows us to transport your shipments faster and more efficiently from A to B. We have grown from a small student start-up to one of the largest courier services in the Rotterdam area. However, our identity remains unchanged; we are still a young company with a large and diverse group of students employed. Besides courier services, we can also use our employees in other ways. That is why we, among other things, offer chauffeur services as well.

Erasmus Koeriers has a large and diverse customer base throughout the entire Randstad area. We understood early on that service, speed, and a good track record are reasons for customers to come back to Erasmus Koeriers. We hold these values in high regard. It is no surprise, therefore, that Erasmus Koeriers handles over 1000 shipments per month and receives an average 5.0 rating on Google Reviews from our customers.

Voorgevel van Erasmus Koeriers kantoor met twee grote ramen met daarop het logo van Erasmus Koeriers

Investing in the Future

At Erasmus Koeriers, we consider it important to innovate and keep up with the times. The era of polluting vans is coming to an end and making way for a greener, more modern way of transporting shipments. We are happy to contribute to this and are at the forefront when it comes to innovating and investing in the future. That's why we were one of the first courier companies in the Rotterdam region to start greening our fleet. In this way, we can transport your (urgent) shipment completely CO2-neutral. We currently do this with our fully electric Volkswagen ID Buzz, but the rest of our fleet will also have to make way for greener alternatives soon. This way, we will be one of the first courier companies in the Netherlands to be completely CO2-neutral by 2025.

Specialist in urgent shipments

The niche we specialize in is urgent shipments. We consider it a true art to transport a registered shipment from location A to location B in the shortest possible time. Good logistics, experience of our drivers on the road, and information about anything that could hinder a speedy delivery, such as traffic information, are essential. Erasmus Koeriers is an expert in this area, both for national and international shipments.

Use our courier service immediately?

Whether you want to send an urgent shipment or a less urgent shipment, we will arrange it for you. Request the national rates here or place an order directly here. Do you want to know if your shipment fits in one of our vehicles? Check out our current fleet. You can reach us by phone at +31 10-4122241 or by email at for questions or to place an order. We look forward to your request and are excited about new collaborations! We are always ready for you and will deliver your package or shipment to the receiving party with the utmost care and as quickly as possible.